Nerdist Podcast Review: Sex Nerd Sandra


It could have been an under-lit high school assembly. It had all the signs: the cheap plastic chairs, a small stage an arm’s length from the front row of the audience, the awaiting microphones, a cheap folding table front and center.

But the items on the table hinted at what was to come.

Where else would you see an antique vibrator, a stuffed plush yet anatomically correct breast, a dildo shaped like the honey bear found in most New England kitchens, and a large penis with a syringe that would allow it to squirt the fluid of the owner’s choice? It might seem odd to some, but it’s just Cambridge, upstairs at the Middle East.

This show, the first of Sandra Daugherty’s East Coast tour, opened with a short set by local comic Will Smalley. Smalley opened up to the audience about how some argue that he doesn’t look as gay as he is (the cardigan he wore settled it for this crowd), and what happens when you visit a gay strip club in Montreal and meet former WWF IC Pat Patterson while suffering through a defective zipper.

His relaxed stage presence allowed him to work in what some might consider blue material without seeming at all crass, or deliberately pushing taste’s envelope.

After making the crowd laugh, Will stayed onstage for the first segment of the show proper, an open dialogue between Sandra and her guest co-host Megan Andelloux on body hair.

Andelloux, a Mass native who has guested on the Sexnerd podcast in the past, was an entertaining contrast to Sandra’s peppy inquisitiveness. Megan, the more clinical and forceful speaker of the two, had a great rapport with the audience.

Either that, or she won the audience over early with the story of her horrible first waxing experience.

Anyone who can talk about pus generation with both a straight face and good humor is certainly an asset at any sexual discussion. The three speakers discussed the pros and cons of threading, shaving, and waxing, until the matter was laid bare.

Sandra then led an audience-helmed segment termed “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Suggestions of topics were shouted out by the crowd, their worthiness ranked by the applause each idea generated. What topics made the cut? The medical risks of a-t-m, how to get a quiet romantic partner to be noisier in the bedroom, and the exciting purpose of the flange on a butt plug.

The audience got a little science, some relationship advice, and some really good cautionary advice.

Sandra, Will, and Megan hung out a bit after the show, meeting fans, posing for pictures, and pressing various types of flesh. The live podcast was a rousing success, and an excellent beginning for the tour. The next show in NYC has already sold out, but tickets are available for the shows in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

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