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Lion staffer attends Barnard sex talk, feels awkward about it

Posted by: Stephen Snowder When Barnard hosts a sex talk, they don’t screw around. Before we begin this story (a long one, so settle in), let me tell you about the first sex talk I ever got: It was in middle school. I went to gym class prepared to run laps for forty-five minutes, because […]

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Birth Control: Talking ‘Bout the Pullout Generations

WBUR Common Health Written by Rachel Bloom Birth Control: Talking ‘Bout The Pullout Generation When a recent study concluded that nearly 1 in 3 straight, sexually active young women used the withdrawal method for contraception, the media breathlessly coined a neat phrase to characterize these 15- to 24-year-olds: “The Pullout Generation.” Elite Daily asked: “Gen-Y […]

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Sex talk draws standing-room-only UNH crowd

DURHAM — It was standing-room-only to talk about sex Thursday night at UNH. By Ella Nilsen Friday, October 4, 2013 Megan Andelloux, a sexuality educator and sexologist, answers questions during a forum at UNH discussing “Orchestrating Orgasms.” On stage with her is a UNH student.(Nilsen/Democrat photo)Hundreds of university students packed into the MUB’s Granite […]

UNH students talk sex on campus

WHDH-TV 7News Boston DURHAM, N.H. (WHDH) — Students at the University of New Hampshire gathered Thursday night to talk about an often taboo subject: sex. “The potential of pleasure is part of good sexual health it’s not just about avoiding disease, avoiding disasters and pregnancy. It’s about feeling good, safe and comfortable in your body,” […]

Providence Monthly: Talk It Out: The “S” Word

Book Project: Girl Sex 101

Oh man, I’m super excited to be part of this kick ass group of individuals that are putting together a book called Girl Sex 101, developed by author Allison Moon. I of course will be writing about anatomy and all the sexy/interesting things you can do with it to make Girl Sex fantastic in more […]

Nerdist Podcast Review: Sex Nerd Sandra

PEER REVIEW: SEX NERD SANDRA LIVE PODCAST @ MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS It could have been an under-lit high school assembly. It had all the signs: the cheap plastic chairs, a small stage an arm’s length from the front row of the audience, the awaiting microphones, a cheap folding table front and center. But the items […]