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Sex Educator Megan Andelloux’s Classes Causes Stir In Connecticut

“Fornication 101, The Title is Provocative…

But the Talk Provides Frank and Open Health Facts

Fornication 101 Lecture Sparks Debate at CCSU

By JENNIFER SPOSATO Updated 9:45 AM EST, Tue, Feb 8, 2011 Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image There’s little mystery behind a lecture called Fornication 101. But, there is plenty of debate about it at Central Connecticut State University. A sex educator named Megan Andelloux is giving the lecture, which she tells The Hartford Courant is a “study of […]

Sex Seminar Controversy Brews At CCSU

POSTED: 5:04 pm EST February 7, 2011 NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — A new controversial sex seminar that could be coming to Central Connecticut State University in New Britain is raising eyebrows. It’s an explicit seminar that’s also offered at a number of other schools in the state. This one-hour presentation put on by a Rhode […]

Press Release: Sex Ed Does Not Increase STI Transmission

For Immediate Release 02/07/2011 Sexuality educators set the record straight: “Talking about sexuality does not increase sexually transmitted infections” despite what non-experts report. Contact: 
Megan Andelloux HiOhMegan@gmail.com 401-345-8685 Contact: Aida Manduley Aida_manduley@brown.edu 787-233-0025 In yet another attempt to shut down access to quality sex education, South-Eastern New England conservative advocates hit the sex panic button in […]

The Sex Ed Warrior Queen

Rhode Island Monthly April 2010 BY TRACEY MINKIN Megan Andelloux sits in row three of the Pawtucket City Council Chambers, awaiting a verdict. Beautifully poised in a navy blue, tailored vintage dress, her red hair lovely and tidy, her hands in her lap, her pumps set squarely on the floor, she looks like a young […]

Feminist Campus: Let's Talk About Sex!

Let’s Talk About Sex! I recently met an incredible feminist, Megan Andelloux, on campus at Brandeis University when she did a workshop on sexual pleasure and awareness as part of our annual Vagina Week, leading up to the Vagina Monologues.     As an FMLA member, this was a great feminist event – 1 – […]

Adventures in Toyland

The Berkeley Beacon By Kelly Smith Dildos, vibrators and strap-ons in every shade of pink titillated students while the distinct hum of plastic on tabletop mixed with the explosive giggles of the audience. At the front of the room was a spread of promiscuous products ranging from penis pumps to some kinky gizmos most people in […]