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Fabulous Fellatio Review: Dig Boston

BAR HAVOC: THAR SHE BLOWS “Hey, I can’t come to watch wrestling practice next Tuesday,” I told my trainer last Saturday night. “Why?” He asked. I’ve been pretty good, even though I’m out for six weeks with head trauma (get it? Head? Head trauma? Oh, right, we’re not at the punchline yet). I have been […]

Class Review: That Blows!

An adventure into the world of sex education by JULIE TREMAINE We’re not going to have any more WASP-y sex. We’re going to be dirty girls now.” Megan Andelloux is standing in front of a group of roughly 20 people, holding a giant brown dildo in one hand and a bottle of lube in the […]

Participant Review of Fabulous Fellatio

Last Tuesday, GirlMouse and I attended a class at Good Vibrations. The class was Fabulous Fellatio: The Art of Oral Sex and it was being hosted by Megan Andelloux. Being the shy, retiring sort of girl I am when it comes to blow jobs (insert hysterical laughter), I was curious if there was going to be something new […]