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WholeDC Presents Megan Andelloux

WholeDC Presents Megan Andelloux: The New Gay Interview 11 DECEMBER 2009, 12:00 PM This post was submitted by michael A bitter winter wind keeps whipping through DC, trundling brown fallen leaves through the city streets. One can hardly find defense outside from its icy wheezing. Luckily this weekend, however, someone well acquainted with cold December […]

Defy The Box: Radio Interview

Hosted by: Defy the BoxTitle:¬†EPISODE 18 _ Megan Andelloux: Oh Megan!…Totally cool Sex Educator… Episode Notes:¬†Megan Andelloux, also known as Oh Megan!works as a board certified sexologist and sexuality educator. She is the founder and director of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, a non-profit sexuality organization attempting to open in Rhode Island. Click […]

Swapping your most private fantasies

Swapping your most private fantasies By Tanya Enberg They can be scary, dark, bizarre, creepy, ridiculous and even downright outrageous. They are our sexual fantasies, and what happens when we let our minds freely wander could cause even the most liberal, experimental and open-minded folk to blush. Recently at a cottage getaway, a group of […]